Version 20170630 (same as version 20170701 for MyCloud Pro)

  • Added: Added to DDNS options
  • Changed: Updated SSL certificate for proxy connection

Version 20160217

  • Changed: Improved SMTP security for Gmail with 2-step verification
  • Changed: Removed invalid hyperlink for user album when sharing a file/folder by e-mail
  • Changed: Updated downloader application to mldonkey v3.1.5
  • Fixed: Downloader doesn't display task when all table headers are hidden
  • Fixed: Disabling the option to generate thumbnails automatically is ineffective
  • Fixed: Log file from media server can grow too big under some circumstances
  • MyCloud Pro - Fixed: Cannot transcode videos when more than 5 files are selected
  • 2-Bay devices - Fixed: Cannot access disk when not mounted under “HOME”

Version 20150429

  • Changed: Updated OpenSSL to version 1.0.2a
  • Changed: Updated NTP to version 4.2.8p2
  • Changed: Updated Avahi to version 0.6.31
  • Changed: Updated Japanese translation for “update” from 「更新」 to 「アップデート」
  • Fixed: OpenSSL vulnerabilities

Version 20150303

  • Changed: Updated OpenSSL to version 1.0.1j
  • Changed: Updated ipad_charge to version 1.2.3
  • Changed: Updated ntp to version 4.2.8 (to defeat denial-of-service attacks)
  • Changed: Updated social network application to support new Youtube /Facebook/Flickr API
  • Changed: FTP setting changed from “Enforce SSL” to “Enforce TLS”
  • Changed: Updated Disk Manager for the Marvell platform to support 2TB HDD
  • Changed: Several security improvements
  • Fixed: Admin cannot remove files or folders in downloads directory
  • Fixed: Downloader cannot display the full downloading tasks
  • Fixed: iTunes 12.1 cannot fetch the playlists
  • MyCloud Pro - Changed: Updated Dropbox to version 3.0.4

Version 20141023

  • Added: Option to disable access to Public folder for FTP users
  • Fixed: GNU bash “shellshock” issue
  • Fixed: AFP settings are changed after formatting the drive(s) using the “Auto” setup wizard

Version 20140814

  • Changed: Improved system security

Version 20140711

  • Fixed: Unable to establish network connection when IP address is set manually

Version 20140626

  • Changed: Remember column settings 5 seconds after change for fields in downloader window
  • Changed: Updated browser detection for Korean Internet Explorer
  • Changed: System reset now also clears temporary DHCP files
  • Fixed: CPU loading increases when the remote assistance service is disabled

Version 20140430

  • Added: Option to disable the function that automatically generates thumbnails
  • Changed: Updated media server
  • Fixed: Standby/sleep mode issue with certain drives

Version 20140119

  • Added: Support for Chrome version 32 when using the HTML5 file upload method
  • Added: Support for Korean version of IE 10
  • Changed: Set the default name of the media server to “isharing”
  • Fixed: When the Samba service is connected via TCP port 445, the Samba status sometimes shows “Service is stopped”

Version 20131121

  • Added: FTP setting for passive port range to assist setting up firewall
  • Fixed: Previous and next buttons in media player do not work
  • Fixed: Manually updating the firmware on some browsers (e.g. Chrome) results in “Get data error”

Version 20131021

  • Added: Option in address book to upload two photos per contact
  • Added: Support for magnet links in downloader
  • Added: Option to disable portal service (remote access)
  • Added: New command in the system menu to restore toolbar
  • Changed: Characters for partition label in disk manager are now restricted to simple alphabet and numbers (^[a-zA-Z0-9_]{0,16}$)
  • Changed: Minor updates in Dutch (Nederlands) translation for GUI
  • Changed: Drag & dropping now works directly on a folder, there is no need to first click “Upload” (requires latest browser update)
  • Changed: Input value for “Max concurrent downloads” in downloader now restricted to numbers 1-10
  • Changed: Replaced “Downloader” with “Thunder” application (only for China)
  • Changed: Default value for FTP protocol now set to not enforce SSL
  • Fixed: The media server stops after clicking “Rescan”
  • Fixed: When setting the disk standby time to 0, the fan will not start anymore
  • Fixed: FTP server uses localtime (now set not to use localtime)
  • Fixed: Resetting the system clears the registered domain name
  • MyCloud Pro - Added: Hibernate mode and Wake-on-LAN (WOL) configuration under power management
  • MyCloud Pro - Added: Dropbox configuration in menubar
  • MyCloud Pro - Fixed: Support for file uploads over 2GB
  • MyCloud Pro - Fixed: Auto mode in disk manager does not support 2TB HDD

Version 20130703

  • Fixed: Unable to establish network connection after power loss when it happens during start up (requires reset)
  • Fixed: Blank window after power loss when that window (e.g. Preferences) was opened for the first time
  • Fixed: Unable to access partitions other than “HOME” when using Samba
  • MyCloud Pro - Fixed: Incorrect information in disk manager for RAID volumes over 2TB

Version 20130607

  • Fixed: Unable to login to web interface under some circumstances (get data error)
  • Known Issues: Unable to establish network connection after power loss when it happens during start up (requires reset)
  • Known Issues: Blank window after power loss when that window (e.g. Preferences) was opened for the first time

Version 20130517

  • Added: Support to play m4v media files directly in the browser (3rd party plug-in is required)
  • Added: Rescan button for media server to rebuild the database and rescan the files on demand
  • Added: User login via web UI is now logged in the system log, showing success and failure for each login
  • Added: RSS feed for latest AKiTiO news about MyCloud products
  • Added: Application to monitor the system (CPU, memory, processes)
  • Added: Support for up/down/left/right/pageup/pagedown/home/end keys when viewing photos in album
  • Added: VLC plugin support for media player
  • Added: Preferences for USB copy folder to define custom path
  • Added: Warning message when uploading files via web interface that are larger than 1.86GB
  • Changed: Minor updates to text and translations in web interface
  • Changed: FTP server does not use localtime anymore
  • Changed: Method how MAC/MTU is read, to prevent blank login page
  • Changed: Tile method for background image now starts from top/left corner instead of middle
  • Changed: Icon size for publish icon
  • Changed: Wallpaper default position is set to fill
  • Changed: SMS preferences are now hidden unless the language is set to Traditional Chinese (zh-tw)
  • Changed: The application “Browser” is no longer supported and has been removed
  • Changed: When publishing a file/folder, the share is now generated automatically
  • Changed: When no HOME partition is mounted and there is no existing partition available, the disk manager opens
  • Changed: System bootup messages have been removed from system log
  • Changed: When disk standby is set to 0, the disk(s) will never go into standby mode
  • Fixed: Connecting to the network drive with the shortcut in the finder under Mac OS 10.8 does not work
  • Fixed: Transferring files files over 100MB to external USB drive when using Samba or AFP on Mac OS fails
  • Fixed: SWAP partition on external USB drive gets ejected after system reboot
  • Fixed: Disk manager (advanced mode) does not recognize certain drives
  • Fixed: Slow data transfer via Samba when NAS is connected directly to computer
  • Fixed: UI displays wrong firmware version after firmware update
  • Fixed: Unable to delete last item in publish list
  • Fixed: Bug when rotating an image
  • Fixed: Problem with disk manager displaying raid rebuilding
  • Fixed: Unable to show the partition type in the disk manager
  • Fixed: Context menu “Select All” does not work
  • Fixed: Cannot drag and drop files when using IE 10
  • Fixed: Cannot upload files with a Chinese (zh-tw) file name when using IE 10
  • Fixed: Missing files under some circumstances when using drag & drop in Chrome browser to upload files
  • Fixed: System does not complete creating all the thumbnails
  • Fixed: System crashes when building the thumbnails
  • MyCloud Pro - Added: Fan control
  • MyCloud Pro - Fixed: Unable to login under certain circumstances (blank screen)
  • MyCloud Pro - Fixed: Several bugs and errors when converting videos
  • MyCloud Pro - Fixed: FTP server does not work under some circumstances
  • MyCloud Pro - Fixed: Media server is enabled by default when no HDD is installed, causing stand-by mode to fail
  • Known Issues: Unable to login to web interface under some circumstances (get data error)

Version 20121220

  • Fixed: The background process for photo thumbnails frequently accesses the logs, preventing the HDD from spinning down.

Version 20121206

  • Added: Display the connection status to the web portal (Preferences » Portal Server »
  • Added: New NFS option “insecure” for better compatibility with Mac OS.
  • Added: Show the original path of the deleted file in the Recycle Bin when viewing its Properties.
  • Added: Shortcut to the “Applications” folder on the desktop.
  • Added: Dutch (Nederlands) language support.
  • Added: Drag & drop support for folders and directories when using Chrome.
  • Changed: Default upload method changed to HTML5 in all browsers except IE.
  • Changed: When viewing a photo in the image viewer that is larger than the current window size, it now automatically re-sizes the image to fit the window.
  • Changed: Layout and functionality for firmware update (Preferences » Firmware).
  • Changed: When using Samba, access to the “Download” and “Devices” directories is now restricted to the “admin” account.
  • Changed: When using AFP, access to the “Download” and “Devices” directories is now restricted to the “admin”.
  • Changed: When using FTP, access to the “Download” directory is now restricted to the “admin”.
  • Changed: When using FTP, all users now have access to the “Public” directory.
  • Changed: Added drop-down menu for disk standby time (Preferences » Power Management).
  • Changed: Minor modification to system menu “Quit” (original menu: Close/Logout/Cancel, new menu: Shut Down/Logout/Cancel).
  • Changed: Removed the note about downloading Google Gears in the selection window for upload methods.
  • Changed: Removed “iBackup” service (Preferences » iBackup).
  • Changed: Thumbnails are now created in the background to reduce the loading of the system.
  • Changed: The static “Dock” has been replaced with a flexible “Toolbar” that floats on top of all the windows.
  • Changed: Japanese translation (original: 「ツールばーを隠す/表示する」, new: 「ツールバーを隠す/表示する」)
  • Changed: Updated Korean translation.
  • Fixed: Unable to create new folder by clicking on “New Folder” when selecting a directory.
  • Fixed: The settings for the download service still show the old value after applying the changes (Preferences » Downloader).
  • Fixed: Existing RAID array that was created by another MyCloud device is not recognized.
  • Fixed: When using the firmware version 20120814, rebuilding the RAID array fails.
  • Fixed: When viewing Email messages in MS Outlook that contain languages other than English, the encoding is incorrect.
  • Fixed: Unable to select the correct file in list view when using IE if the number of files exceeds one page.

Version 20120814

  • Remove the error message for “Fail to write rtc time”.
  • Set the nfs service to disabled as default.
  • Bug fixed: After resetting, FTP security connection will get error message for wrong password.
  • Allow '-' character in WORKGROUP setting.
  • Upgrade mldonkey to ver 3.1.2-1.
  • The system will auto detect raid mode; Remove the raid detect button.
  • Bug fixed: If swap partition is already mounted, auto mode will fail to build the raid.
  • Add “Restore Dock” button for restoring Dock.
  • Bug fixed: It sometimes takes a long time to open the Public folder.
  • Bug fixed: usb copy button not work.

Version 20120608 (for beta-testing on MyCloud mini only)

  • Remove icons from the tool menu: “Show Windows”, “Dock”, “Quit”
  • New icons to the tool menu: “Show Desktop” and “Disk Info”
  • Customized configuration options to the desktop icons (text size, icon size, grid)
  • Recycle bin will show full/empty status
  • Add “fill” and “fit” options to the background photo
  • Customizaed configuration options to MyCloud icon view (text size, icon size, grid)
  • Show HDD capacity information in the MyCloud View.
  • New Feature: batch rename
  • New Feature: Allow drag and drop to move files/folders to another folder
  • Bug fixed: Remove publish information when the file/folder is removed
  • Add “Detect RAID” button in the Disk Manager
  • Do not allow USB disk to be part of the RAID
  • Bug fixed: create default folders after Auto Disk Management
  • Bug fixed: Do not allow partition in the advanced mode
  • Bug fixed: keep column settings and sorting options after refresh screen
  • Add “Remote Assistance” preference setting to enable/disable telnet service
  • Bug fixed: Do not allow using port 80 for FTP
  • Bug fixed: correct wrong title in iBackup
  • Add Privacy policy in the login page (For AKiTiO version only)
  • AKiTiO units use a seperate proxy server (For AKiTiO version only)
  • Combine Registration/DDNS/UPnP setting intor Portal Server settings. Add manual settings for port forwarding (For AKiTiO version only)
  • New Application: Text Editor
  • Remove texts in the “About” window
  • Fixed Japanese translation: へのバックアップ changed バックアップ先.
  • Do not allow writing to the mount devices under /media to avoid unexpected writing to the NAND flash
  • Move database of mt-daap to /home/.nas.
  • Move spool of samba and cups to /home/.nas
  • Increase the DHCP lease time to 1 day. Remove the AutoIP.
  • Increase timeout period of sockproxy to 5 seconds
  • Automatically create Documents/Videos/Music/Photos folders when adding a new user
  • Add PID=12a0 for iPad charger
  • Bug fixed: fix the issue that filezilla cannot use SSL FTP
  • Know Issue: iBackup does not work with iDevice with iOS 5.1.1

Version 20120118

  • Allow users to customize the Dock at the GUI webtop, including: (1) Add new icons from Applications; (2) Delete unwanted icons; (3) Change the icon pictures; (4) Rearrange orders of icons; (5) Restore default dock.
  • Allow users to customize the GUI webtop, including: (1) Add new icons from Applications; (2) Delete icons from webtop; (3) Add shortcut to link to MyCloud folders; (4) Change the icon pictures; (5) Rearrage the icons; (6)Restore default webtop.
  • Add “Application” function to the system menu (top left corner)
  • Change the name “My Server” to “MyCloud”
  • Change the tablelist window in MyCloud. Support sorting, drag-and-drop and hidden menu.
  • Use the exact file name in webdav.
  • Show HDD capacity information (total, used, available) at the bottom left corner of MyCloud window.
  • The system will check duplicated file names when user uploading new files, copy/pasting files, or creating a new folder. When duplicated names would happen, there will be a popup warning message with the option of overwrite or cancel action.
  • In MyCloud → Download folder, only show the folders of incoming and torrents but hide all the rest of files.
  • Remove JFS from DiskManager
  • Allow setting multiple items to DLNA scanning path.
  • Use UTF-8 encoding format (changed from UTF-16) in Addressbook export/import files.
  • Improve Flicker API key.
  • Re-define the “SHARE” function to include “Group” and “Publish”. Improve the feature of “Publish” to be more user-friendly, such as moving several steps to the advanced setting.
  • Fix the bug that iBackup would copy contents to the nandflash when HDD does not exist.
  • Fix the bug that FTP users can visit system folders
  • Fix the bug that user cannot set the time from UI.
  • If the user does not have contents in his/her YouTube account, login to the YouTube from iSharing would show a blank page. This bug is fixed.

Version 20111122

  • Change the mechanism in DynDNS. Now the system updates the IP to DynDNS only when the WAN IP is changed.
  • Fix the bug in write access attribute in /dav/device/home. The bug caused the admin users not able to remove some folders in webGUI.
  • Show kernel version in Server Info
  • The system logs were temporarily stored in the DRAM. They will be saved to the NAND flash (under /var/log) every hour.
  • The system will not automatically mount the USB disks to HOME.
  • Update the library libimobiledevice in order to support mounting the iOS5 device.
  • When there is no playlist in the Media Player, the icon “Add new item” should not appear. This bug is fixed.
  • In IE8, when users changed the Dock settings, the values were not properly stored and retrieved. This bug is fixed.
  • In Social Network –> Facebook, the username and icon was not cleared after logout. This bug is fixed.
  • The flash plug-in did not start to play the media files automatically. This bug is fixed.
  • Fixed German translations in Disk Manager; remove Dutch XML files.
  • After deleting an account, the associated folders are moved to the recycle bin.
  • For the purpose of authentication, the web address to the Social Networks (Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube) is now changed to
  • Check and avoid duplicate file names when creating the Address book, and when creating ZIP files.
  • Disallow changing the upload options when the uploading is being processed.
  • When no HDD is mounted as HOME directory, hide the folders Home, Download, Public, and Share in the GUI, and only show the folder Device.
  • The FW will only play the flv, mp3, and swf files. All the other file formats are passed to the browsers instead of handled by the FW.
  • Add “Seeded” and “Downloaded” buttons in Downloaders.
  • Add udev rules to support USB mount/unmount LED (for particular HW only)

Version 20111020

  • Some HDDs may not go into the sleep mode by itself. We changed the mechanism to use the system FW (instead of relying on HDDs) to do count down and ask the HDD to sleep when there was no access. The count down time can be configured by users.
  • Fix an issue associated with GMAIL SMTP.
  • Reduce the write access to the internal Flash ROM by storing the system log (/var/log) in temfs in DRAM.
  • Add more VID in ipad_charge to ensure all iPad/iPad2 can be charged.
  • Periodically sync system time with NTP time server.
  • The registration status was not shown correctly. This bug is fixed.
  • Do not show username/password in DynDNS setting.
  • Add a broadcast packet to enable UPnP service in some router models (e.g., IO-Data)
  • Fix the issue that the device cannot get the DHCP IP, particularly in the 10/100 network environment.
  • Fix the bug that no error message appeared when RAID removal failed.
  • Fix the bug in partition HDD regarding to “Invalid Geometry”.
  • Dynamically adjusting the re-connecting time with the proxy server between 5 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Change the default EMAIL sender to become
  • Change icons in Samba/AFP/iTunes preference settings to avoid known trademarks. Change iDisk to iBackup.
  • Change desktop background size to 1920×1200
  • Remove the information of UPnP IP and MAC address in the login page to protect privacy.
  • Add logout button in YouTube.

Version 20110914

  • In the 2-bay model, creating the RAID may fail when the HDDs had been used previously. This bug is fixed.

Version 20110909

  • Support global server implementation ( and
  • Revise the login page to include server information and password reminder
  • In the “My Server” menu, add a button to rebuild thumbnail
  • Display Device label under “My Server –> Device”
  • Remove SMS menu (because it is only for Taiwan mobile phone)
  • In Preference –> Registration, use the portal address to replace the URL of device.
  • Add “Test” function (ping and traceroute) under PreferenceNetwork
  • Add UPnP configuration in Preference
  • Increase EMAIL field to 2 entries in AddressBook
  • Add Import/Export GMAIL CVS function in AddressBook
  • In Upload menu, allow users to change upload options (Form/Google Gears/HTML5)
  • Disk Manager: add auto/advanced/expert modes
  • Disk Manger: Allow to use and display the percentage of partition
  • Publish: remove third party (Gygia) icons
  • Social Network: add logout button
  • Update netatalk version to 2.2, in order to support AFP 3.3
  • Support charging iPad via USB port
  • (2-bay model only) add fan control
  • GUI language update for Japanese/German/Traditional Chinese
  • Improve UPnP tunneling mechanism
  • The folder cannot be opened after users changing its name. This bug is fixed.
  • When the unit is set to static IP, some network services kept restarting. This bug is fixed.
  • The default EMAIL configuration uses port 25
  • Stop openvpn client. Use Socket proxy.
  • Reload avahi in the DHCP client mode to ensure the device can be seen by the IP finder.
  • Use dd to clean HDD headers before proceeding the partition.
  • Change text fonts in webtop GUI, so the texts can be seen above the white background.

Version 20110624

  • Add: Customized Dock. Default value is hidden.
  • Changed: Extend the valid period of SSL in FTPS to 27 years.
  • Fixed: change web CGI to fix the issue that cannot download big file in VPN mode
  • Add: system can mount iPhone/iPad, and can auto back up contents to NAS
  • Fixed: In some cases the web GUI cannot show up during boot-up. This version auto recovers the web GUI.
  • Add: autoIP (to comply with UPnP)
  • Add: UPnP port tunneling
  • Fixed: support to IE9
  • Add: Support to HTML5 file upload
  • Add: nph-proxy browser
  • Add: SMS function
  • Add: Sharing management
  • Add: rotate photos in image view
  • Add: support YouTube
  • Add: able to publish folder as well as files
  • Add: back up system configuration in preference
  • Add: support AFP (for MacOS Time Machine)
  • Add: support DDNS ( only)
  • Changed: System apperence stores in home configuration instead of cookies
  • Add: support to FTP in addition to FTPS
  • Add: security key for VPN registration
  • Changed: allow user's configuration for Downloader in Preference
  • Add: user can selece HTML5 or Google Gears to upload files by drag-adn-drop
  • Fixed: Does not stop MLDonkey service when HDD goes to spin down mode.
  • Add: limit VPN bandwidth to 57344Bytes
  • Fixed: during FW update some files remained in the tmp area. It is clean now.
  • Fixed: LAN hot-plug could not get DHCP IP. It is fixed.
  • Fixed: 2x 3TB HDDs could not make RAID-1. It is fixed.
  • Fixed: TR-069 failed to report status to server. It is fixed.

Version 20110325

  • Fixed: Limit syslog file size to prevent nandflash from being full.
  • Fixed: Improve updating process, return the message for firmware crash error, firmware dependence error and other errors( such as no more space for updating…etc )
  • Changed: Config file refresh rule. Use O_SYN and fsync to ensure it is written to disk.
  • Add: GPT partition table support for over 2TB partition.
  • Add: Reset button function, reset the administrator password and DHCP setting.

Version 20110303

  • Fixed: Display issue on 'Recycle bin' icon.
  • Fixed: Incorrect file creation time and modification time shown in 'My Server'.
  • Fixed: Recover file from 'Recycle bin' doesn't work with context menu command.
  • Fixed: Upload progress bar go backwards.
  • Fixed: Users need to re-mount SWAP partition manually after rebooting the device.
  • Fixed: System led keeps solid orange after firmware is updated.
  • Fixed: Disk formatting issue with EXT2/3 filesystem.
  • Fixed: Cannot set a photo as album background.
  • Fixed: Prevent administrator account from being deleted.
  • Changed: Set system spindown-check interval to 30mins.
  • Changed: Change the way of agent reporting while updating firmware manually.
  • Changed: Change the disk capacity unit to MB.
  • Changed: Rebuilding progress bar show on behind the disk raid name. (need to refresh manually)
  • Changed: Change the copyright announce to 2009-2011.
  • Add: USB unmount icon.
  • Add: Raid rebuild function.
  • Add: 'Eject' function and it's icon.

Version 20110214

  • Changed: Use XFS as default filesystem with DiskWizard.
  • Changed: Auto mount to home: If there's no disk is mounted to home folder, it will auto mount to home when you plug a external disk.
  • Changed: Enable all service such as SAMBA/NFS/FTPS/DLNA/iTunes/Download after home is mounted.
  • Changed: Spin down function
    1. Apply UI setting to HDD.
    2. If HDD does not run spin down, system will check it every 5 minutes.
    3. If HDD does not support spin down, it will return system message.
  • Fixed: UI relative bugs
    1. Desktop: Cannot display desktop icon after refresh the screen in IE.
    2. Album: Incorrect context menu displayed.
    3. Album Show: Incorrect URL link.
    4. Zip: Cannot show zip-file created by 'Add to zip' in IE
    5. Preferences: Add refresh button to SAMBA/FTPS/DLNA/iTunes/Download/NetWork/ setting page.


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